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Karting Challenge – 13th May 2015

The 2015 Inter Firm KartingChallenge was a hectic night with lots of last minute changes for the Cloudersteam. One team member was hurt in a car accident the previous day and decidedit was best not to risk aggravating things on a racing circuit and a secondteam member was leaving to go to the airport at 5am the next morning so had toleave as early as possible. There must be at least 7 driver changes during the2 hour event, so David took the sessions 1 & 3 and the remaining 6  x15 minute sessions were divided up between Chris and Tom.

There were seven teams takingpart and Clouders drew position 2, on the starting grid. For the first time,David opted to start for Clouders, rather than the final session & takingthe checkered flag. As he took his position on the grid the grid he realisedthat the kart in front was being driven by an ex-employee of Clouders. When thelights went out, David got a good start and was straight onto the back of theleading kart. After 2 laps he took the inside corner on the long straight &hairpin and took the lead and held this position until the first driver changeat 15 minutes. It looked like it was going to be a close race between Cloudersand Goldwyns, but, unfortunately, they got shown a dubious black flag which extendedthe Clouders lead to 2 laps.

The lead did extend and contractduring the evening, but after 120 minutes, 236 laps, a refuelling stop andseven driver changes, Clouders won by 2 laps. Chris also got the fastest lap ofthe night, being 28.44. Our thanks go out to the organisers at ICAEW andRayleigh Karting for another enjoyable evening.

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